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Welcome to Troop 437! Proudly chartered by American Legion post 437 in Westford Massachusetts.

Are you an Arrow of Light scout looking for a Scout Troop to cross over to?  or maybe you are new to Scouting and want a great Troop to join?

Either way Troop 437 welcomes boys and girls to come and experiance the adventure of scouting!  Come visit one of our meetings to experience what Scouting is all about and what makes Troop 437 a great Scout troop.

We meet every Thursday evening that school is in session.  Meetings start at 7:00pm at the American Legion Post 437 at 114 Dunstable Road.  Feel free to contact us at info@westfordtroop437.us and let us know you are coming or to contact us with any questions.  For more information about the troop you can start at our About Us webpage.





Annual Troop Dues - Pay by Nov 21st

Posted on Nov 20 2019 - 9:05pm

We are now collecting Troop dues and the BSA membership fee for the upcoming Scout year.  Total being collected is increased over last year due to the fee increase that BSA just publicized.  For more details on the BSA fee increase, please see: 


Note that Troop dues have not increased for the coming year.

Troop dues remain at:                 $50
BSA Scout registration is now:   $60 (up from $33)
Total Scout fees due by 11/21: $110

BSA Adult registration is now:   $36 (up from $33) , also due by 11/21

We apologize for the increase, unfortunately, we have no control over the National membership fee set by the BSA.

The Troop 437 Committee does not want any Scout to miss out on anything Scouting has to offer due to an inability to pay.  If any fee is a hardship for your family, please reach out to one of the Scout Masters (Andy McKeen\Cindy McKeen), Committee Chair David Barnard, or Committee Treasurer David Carpenter to discuss available options. Any requests will be kept completely confidential.


Please turn in your dues/registration payment by November 21st.

December trip - Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) Lonesome Lake Hut

Posted on Nov 20 2019 - 9:05pm

The December trip is a winter backpacking trip to the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) Lonesome Lake Hut in the heart of the White Mountains. The trip was super fun last year, and expected to be fun this year, too!

It is a short 1.6 mile walk into the hut from the Lafayette Place Campground. We will be staying and cooking at the hut, so we do not need to bring tents or cooking gear. However, the buildings where we will sleep are UNHEATED, so bring/borrow a warm sleeping bag. You need to bring many layers of appropriate clothes to keep warm (no jeans). Micro-spikes or snow shoes are recommended. Most gear can be borrowed from others in the troop if needs are identified early.
We will likely hike other mountains in the area after leaving the full packs at the hut. It gets dark pretty early these days, so there will be time to play games in the heated part of the hut in the afternoon/evening.
The attached permission slip has more details. I hope you can join us on the trip.
Yours in Scouting,
Mr. Porter

Pinewood Derby Workshop - Save the date Weds Dec 11th and Thurs Dec 12th

Posted on Nov 20 2019 - 9:04pm

This is an all hands on deck event, we need scouts and parents to help.  

Exciting news -  The signups have been open for 12 hours and we have 35 or our 50 slots filled.  We will sell out this week!

Yours in Scouting,

Mr. Anderson

Next Merit Badge Monday 12/16 - Please sign up now!

Posted on Nov 20 2019 - 8:59pm

The next Merit Badge Mondays session will be Monday 12/16th from 7pm to 8:30pm.

So far our Merit Badge Monday's have been a great sucess.  Many scouts getting a great start on new merit badges and others completed partials they had been working on.  Sign-up now to continue your progress or let us know what you would like to start.  If you need ideas please talk to one of the Scoutmasters.

For these sessions to work we need scouts to sign-up before the event so we ensure we have enough scouts and the right counselors available.

Signing up a few hours or minutes before the session begins does not allow us enough time to make sure we have merit badge counselors lined up.  Sign-up early!

Have a merit badge you want to work on?  If so please let Mr or Mrs McKeen know so we can be prepared.

Merit Badge Mondays are an opportunity for scouts to connect with merit badge counselors to start new merit badges or to complete those pervasively pesky partials that seem to proliferate profusely. 

So sign-up now and sign-up early! ...

November Trip, Day Hiking Cannon Mountain, Nov 16

Posted on Nov 13 2019 - 9:05pm
With consideration of the forecast for this weekend and discussion with the committee, we have decided to downgrade this weekend's trip to a day hike.  
It is expected to be very cold on Saturday, such that it would not be safe to camp without cold weather gear, which most scouts do not own.  However, a winter hike is still within reach.  
If you were reluctant to join us for the camping trip, please reconsider and join us for the day hike.  It will be lots of fun.  
Be Prepared!  It will be snowing this week in the area and be cold on Saturday with the high around 20F, so plan ahead.  
  • Snow boots, 
  • hiking socks
  • snow pants, 
  • several layers of shirts, sweaters, and jackets, 
  • hat, 
  • ski gloves, 
  • thin gloves
  • and a backpack to put it all in. 
  • And no cotton please (Seriously, no cotton pants or sweatshirts or jackets)
And bring food and water.  Bars are best. (Cliff bars are my favorite) Things you can eat with your gloves on. Sandwiches are good too.  
Snow!  Though I don't expect to see a lot of snow, It will be worth having something to keep you feet from slipping.  Bring your snowshoes, or micro spikes. 
 Buy Micro-spikes here They are cheap and effective. you will use them for years to come.  I have a few extra sets.  let me know if you want to borrow one.  
We will be meeting at Abbot School at 7am, as was the original plan, returning late afternoon/early evening.  
The trip fees will be refunded for those who have already paid, as this will no longer have any expenses.  But the scouts will need a few bucks in case we stop for dinner on the way home.  
Please feel free to ask any questions about the trip or what to bring etc.  I am here to help.
Yours in Scouting, 
-Mr. Anderson

Troop 437 Open House - AoL Invitational

Posted on Oct 23 2019 - 11:52am


Troop 437 Open House

Troop 437 will be hosting a Open House/Invitational this year  on Thursday, October 24th from 7pm to 8:30pm .  

Troop 437 follows the linked troop model and welcomes both girls and boys.  Any Arrow of Light scout crossing over from Cub Scouts can join.  Also, any boy or girl 11 or older who is interested in Scouting can join regardless of prior Scouting experience.

Who: Arrow of Light Scouts and/or and Boy or Girl 11 or older (and parents)

What: Troop 437 Open House/AOL Invitational
When: Thursday, October 24th, 7-8:30pm
Where: American Legion (114 Dunstable Road, Westford)
  1. LOTS of FUN
  2. Delicious food
  3. Chance to meet Scouts and adults from Scout Troop 437
The Troop has put together a plan for some fun Scout activities (games, cooking, and more). We would like the opportunity to meet your Scouts and share those activities.
Troop 437 is scout-lead.  Throughout the year we do variety monthly trips that typically include plenty of outdoor camping as well as the occasional trip to NYC city or out for a day of skiing. In the last several years we have also participated to several high-adventure camps.  We value public service and have a strong history of successful rank advancement.
If you have any questions about Scouts, Troop 437, or the open house/invitational, please feel free to reach out to info@westfordtroop437.us.

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