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Welcome to Troop 437! Proudly chartered by American Legion post 437 in Westford Massachusetts.


Are you a Webelos II scout looking for a Boy Scout Troop?


Are you a Webelos scout looking for a Boy Scout troop?  We would love to have you come visit one of our meetings to experience what Boy Scouting is all about and what makes Troop 437 a great Boy Scout troop.


We meet every Thursday evening that school is in session.  Meetings start at 7:00pm at the American Legion Post 437 at 114 Dunstable Road.  Feel free to contact us at info@westfordtroop437.us and let us know you are coming or to contact us with any questions.  For more information about the troop you can start at our About Us webpage.


Supporting Boy Scouting and Troop 437 throughout the year is easy...simply start your amazon.com shopping trips from our home page with this link or by clicking the amazon logo below and a portion of the money you spend will be given back to our troop to help support the Boy Scouting program!  Please note - you need to click this link before you place items in the amazon.com shopping cart in order for the troop to get the benefit.


Memorial Day Flag Team Needs You! Please Sign-up!

Posted on May 25 2016 - 10:21pm

The Westford Memorial Day Flag Team needs your help!  Please sign-up by clicking the button below.

The flag foldiing by Boy Scouts has been a traditional part of the Westford Memorial Day services that has not been performed for the last couple of years. The PLC decided they wanted to work with the service organizers to help bring this back. This flag folding by the youth of Westford is very poignant part of the Memorial day services and veterans frequently cite it as being a highlight for them.

I strongly encourage all scouts to sign-up to be a member of the flag team. The flag is very large and we need around 14-16 scouts to complete the proper folding. In addition to inviting Troop 437 scouts we will be opening it up to other troops in town this evening.

The Flag team will need to arrive at the common at 11:30am on Sunday and should be done by 1:00pm. In addition there will be a practice session on Friday evening at 7:00PM.

Please take some time to help out on the flag team and to honor our veterans and our flag!

Yours in Scouting,

Scoutmaster McKeen

Time to sign up! Epic June Aerial Adventure - June 4th/5th - Signups due May 26th

Posted on May 25 2016 - 10:01pm


The first June trip for Troop 437 will be a one-night camping trip at Osceola Vista campground. This trip includes a day hike on Saturday in the vicinity of Osceola Mtn. On Sunday morning we will experience the Ariel Forest Adventure Park at Loon Mountain.  To find out more about the Aeriel Adventure park visit http://www.loonmtn.com/experience/summer-activities/aerial-park

Sign-ups are due May 26th.  Participant must submit a Troop permission slip and a Loon Aeriel Adventure Liability Waiver.


June 26th - 27th Saco River Canoe Trip - Signups due June 9th

Posted on May 25 2016 - 10:01pm

Please Note: Scouts and Adults need to complete swim tests prior to this trip.  If you have not completed a swim test in the last 12 months you will need to test at the upcoming swim test event (date TBD).  Tests completed at last year's summer camp satisfy this requirement.

The last trip of the year for Troop 437 is a 2 day canoe trip on the Saco River. Participants will arrive on Saturday morning, we will be fitted out for our trip on the river, then embark down river for a day of canoeing. After a day on the river, we will arrive at the Landing campground where we will spend the night. Then, on Sunday morning, we will continue down river for another day of canoeing. At the end of the day on Sunday, we will be shuttled back to the starting point.

Our plan is to transport our gear on Saturday morning to the campground. Therefore, it's not necessary to have your gear waterproofed for a canoe trip. You will however want to bring water bottles and other key items for the day on the river.

Scouts will pair up in canoes. Younger scouts and scouts without canoeing experience should pair up with older scouts or adults. All participants will be expected to wear life vests. If you would like to bring your own canoe please contact the scoutmaster to adjust the cost.

All Scouts and Adults must have completed the BSA swim test within the last 12 months in order to pair up with other scouts.  

All participants must complete a Saco Bound waiver. Parents must sign for scouts. Multiple family members can be covered on same waiver.


Advancement Deadline for Spring Court of Honor - THIS WEEK

Posted on May 25 2016 - 8:28pm

Beleive it or not the end of the Scouting year is fast approaching.  Our pring Court of Honor is scheduled for June 9th.  Advancements must be submitted by May 24th to be included in the court.  If you need a scoutmaster conference or board of review please let Mr. McKeen know.  If you have completed merit badge blue cards make sure to submit them to the advancement book.

Reminder - Medical Forms OVERDUE

Posted on May 25 2016 - 8:27pm

If your medical forms are going to be late please let Mr. Barnard know when to expect them.  We need to submit medical forms to Wah-Tut-Ca in advance of our troop week at camp.

All scouts need to submit an updated annual medical form.  These forms are due May 19th and should be submitted to Mr Barnard.

If you are going to summer camp you will need to fill out this form containing parts A, B, and C.  A Dr's signature is required on part C.

If you are going to Philmont you will need to fill out this form containing parts A, B, and C.  A Dr's signature is required on part C  (apologies for the prior confusing referecnce to "Part D" which no longer exists).

If you are not going to Summer camp or Philmont you can use this form containing parts A and B only.  No Dr's signature is required

Support Troop 437! Start your shopping trip with the Troop's amazon.com link!

Posted on May 25 2016 - 8:26pm
Support Troop 437 by starting your shopping trips here.  Click on the Amazon banner or this link before you place items in your shopping cart, shop as you normally would, and the troop will receive a percentage of what you spent.  Remember to book mark the link for future shopping trips!  Thank you for supporting Boy Scouting and Troop 437!

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